Priority Moments FAQs
Got a question about Priority Moments? You should find the answer below.

Q1: Is Priority Moments a free service?
A: Yes it is. Priority Moments does not charge you for offers (although when using the service, your data usage will be charged at the rate according to the data agreement or package you have).

Q2:Is Priority Moments available on networks other than O2?
A: No. It’s exclusive to O2 mobile customers.

Q3: Will Priority Moments work on any handset?
A: Priority Moments will work on any handset, so long as it has data connection. The first time you use Priority Moments, it will automatically work out what sort of phone you have and tell you the appropriate way to access the service (via a downloadable app or the mobile web).

Q4: How do I become an O2 customer?
A: The easiest ways are to go to o2.co.uk or to pop in to your nearest O2 shop on the High Street.

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